18 December 2012

In the Dark...

My sister with a torch during a night walk.

I recently realised that I took a lot of very dark pictures lately. Don't know why, maybe it's an impact of the season. Though they may look scary and even repellent at first sight, I think that such dark- black pictures can have a certain atmosphere and a special vibe to them. You just can't help but to look a little bit closer and think about them a little bit more then about the average picture... right?

Scary looking statue in a dark wood. But  I guess in a dark wood nearly everything looks scary...

Christmas gooses in their barn.

Years of spider work.

Beautiful shadow from my Christmas deer decoration.

10 December 2012

09 December 2012

Winter Wonderland

Ok, winter wonderland might be a bit over the top, but it's what I had in mind when I bought the decoration for my little living room table. It ought to be pure, calm, white and glittery. I think that's pretty much how it turned out and I am pleased with the snowy look. My sisters hated the glitter deers, though. But since I happen to love them they will stay right where they are :)  

08 December 2012

Season Decoration

Two weeks ago I started to decorate for the (by then...) upcoming Christmas season. I have been so busy since, that I never really finished. But today I finally got to buy the last missing piece for my
kitchen table - a winter rose. I love winter roses, they are so simple and yet so beautiful and they literally scream Christmas.
I feel that it can be really challenging to create a Christmassy atmosphere in your apartment (or house) when you don't want to overdo it with the knickknack. It's easy to feel like you're living at the North Pole when every inch gets plastered with deco stuff. It's not so easy, however, if you want to decorate selectively. Don't get me wrong, I would love to clutter up my whole space with Christmas decor, but unfortunately I neither have the time nor the money to do so. Instead, I want to keep it simple. But I still want to feel the Christmas sparkle when I look around in my apartment. (That's why I think that a red star light for my living room window will be essential, and I saw one at the local Christmas market that I am going to buy within the next days. Furthermore, I created my own little Christmas tree with tree branches, but I will show pictures of that another time.)
The one place that needed to be decorated the most is my kitchen table, because  - with the exception of my bed and my desk ( which would be difficult to decorate) - it's the place where I spend most of my time here. But, as it's only a small table, I don't like to put stuff in the center. It just looks wrong and takes away my space. So I decided to use only one corner. 
The decoration itself is simple but it suits my personal taste very well. Red candles and little gnomes - like my favourite Tomte Tumtetot in the card - is basically all I need for Christmas. Throw in a winter rose and some candy and I am perfectly happy :).