14 January 2013

DIY - Framed Owls

For my birthday I got a beautiful little handbag from a friend. The beautiful little handbag was wrapped in this equally beautiful wrapping paper. I knew immediately that I wanted to use it for something but could not decided what for. Yesterday I had an idea and today I realized it - Framed Owls. I really like Owls (obviously) and I like having lots of funny, framed pictures in my apartment. So I decided to use the paper for an owl-silhouette-collage. So easy, so fast, and sooo cute!

Framed Owls:

What You Need:

Colourful Paper
A Photo Frame
Black Carton Paper

Step 1:

Cut out the colourful paper in the size of your photo frame.


Step 2:

Draw the silhouette of three cute owls on the black carton paper. I just did it without a sample but I am sure there is a lot material on pinterest you could use.

Step 3:

Cut out big owl eyes and a beak from the colour paper and glue it on top of the owls.


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