25 January 2013

DIY - Fabric Rose Necklace

This is a very easy and fun way to create your own fabric necklace. The best thing about it is that it is very versatile and individual - you can use any fabric you like and make different necklaces for all your favourite outfits. 

Fabric Rose Necklace

You Need:

1. Fabric
2. Strong Glue
3. Scissors
4. A Pen
5. A Necklace Chain
6. A Round Charm 

Step 1: 

Draw about 10 circles on your fabric ( I made them a bit bigger than my round charm was to get a bigger flower but basically your charm is a good size orientation). Once your circles are all drawn cut them out.

Step 2: 

Fluff your fabric circle between your fingers. It helps here to use a toothpick. Pinch it in the middle of the fabric from all sides to create a little flower-like bunch.

Step 3: 

Add glue to your charm and push the bottom of your little fabric pom pom onto the charm. Hold on to it for a few seconds till the glue is dry. Now repeat that with all the fabric circles until the whole charm is covered and you have the pom pom flower the way you want it to look. 

You can vary this necklace in many ways. I made mine not too thick because I wanted to create a rose-look. When you use more fabric it looks more like a pom pom or a different kind of flower. You can also cut the edges of the fabric more trimmed - personally I like this fluffy look. 

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