31 March 2013

Eggs in Lemon Curd

Two weeks ago, when I was supposed to write my paper and just could not bring myself to type one word, I spend hours pinning ideas for Easter baking. My board was bursting but everything I could find had to be made fresh. Since Easter was still half a month away I needed something I could make right now (to distract myself from writing) that would keep till the holiday. Then I found these wonderful meringue nests and I knew I had it. They are originally filled with lemon custard but to make custard is such a delicate thing that I blew it completely and it ended in a disaster. After some sulking I replaced it with curd and it worked out great. The nests keep for a long time and look just adorable as little surprises on the Easter plates.

Lemon Curd Easter Nests

Since the recipe for the meringue nests is already explained at the original post I will only provide the Lemon Curd recipe here.

You Need:

2/3 cup butter 
6 organic lemons
6 eggs
2 cups sugar
lemon zest from 2 lemons

Squeeze the lemons until you have around 300 ml of juice. Melt the butter in a pot. Add the juice, the sugar and the zest and mix them thoroughly. Whisk the eggs until stiff and add them to the mixture in the pot. Use low heat and stir until it becomes a thick creme. Do not let it cook!!
Now wait until cooled down a bit and fill into the meringue nests. Add little sugar eggs and 


30 March 2013

29 March 2013

Bunny Season

When I was younger I loved Easter a lot. My grandparents used to come to our house and bring a whole trunk full of the most wonderful things and in my mind the holiday will always be connected with birds singing, fresh and warm air and tons of sweets that you were allowed to eat without feeling guilty. Now it is more about having some free time with the family than it is about sweets but I'm still very fond of the holiday (and of bunnies in general :)). 
Though the season provides a never ending source of creative potential I personally feel that it is a challenge to find Easter decoration that isn't tacky. So except for felt eggs and some tulips I keep it simple. This year I decided to be a bit more creative, though, and tried to bring the bunny feeling in form of funny Easter cookies.