11 September 2012

Golden Treasure

I spent the last week in Sardegna and one evening I spotted this beauty in a showcase I passed. We were in a little town at the westcoast to eat seafruit at a local restaurant famous for its fresh food and I only wanted to buy some stamps before dinner when I fell in love with this beautiful goldlaced silverring. Well, actually I fell in love with 15 rings of that sort, all of which were displayed in the showcase. There was no way out, I had to have one. I needed nearly half an our to decide and I had to try them all on, piece by piece. We got really hungry during this procedure but what could I do? When I finally bought this one I was extremely happy because it looked so nice and it was such an unexpected incidence that just made my day. I keept looking at my hand all evening thinking about outfits I could combine it to. And the best part: It wasn't even expensive.

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