12 September 2012

Pistachio Apple Pie

One of my favourite apple pie recipes. Very easy to make and it looks and tastes delicious.

Pistachio Apple Pie

You Need:
3 apples (450 g)
3 tb of  lemon juice
200 g sugar
200 g butter
1 pinch of salt
4 eggs (m)
60 g whited almonds
300 g flour
1 tsp baking soda
5 tb of milk
50 g apricot jam
a hand full pistachio nuts

Now mix butter, sugar and salt until you have a creamy mass. Then mix flour, almonds and baking soda and add it to the butter-sugar mass. Take turns in adding the milk and the flour-mix. When the dough is ready give it into a greased spring pan.
Now peel the apples and slice them into quarters. Cut lines into the apples and give the lemon juice on top of the pieces (you can also do this before you make the dough). Put the apple slices on top of the dough. Now the cake has to bake 50-60 minutes at 160°C. Towards the end it helps when you put some aluminum foil on top to save it from tanning too much :)

When the cake is done use a brush to glaze the cake with the apricot jam. The final step - sprinkle the pistachios on top.

A tip from me - the cake tastes best when you bake it one day before you want to serve it to your guests! :)

I hope you enjoy it!! :)

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