26 November 2012

Blockhouse Charm

Today the Christmas market started! That made it one of my favourite days of the year! But tonight I actually just went for a quick look after work. The real fun starts on Wednesday, when I meet with my friends for the first mulled wine spree in 2012. But just to know that the market is in town is such a nice feeling. Everything is a little different than usual with all the lights in the trees and the smell of candied almonds and bratwurst in the air.
I really missed the taste of mulled wine  - but that's actually what makes it so special, the fact that you can only drink it one month a year.The first time I got a taste of it this year was two weeks ago when we went to a little blockhouse that has been turned into a miniature Christmas market. It's really a special place and it was so wonderful to see all the lights shimmering in the dark. It sure felt like Santa's little factory. The only thing missing to make it really magical was snow. But I am sure it won't be long now...

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