13 November 2012

Perfect Weekend

Sometimes you have days that are simply pleasant. So was my weekend. I don't know why but every now and then these days just silently sneak their way in between all the hectic and the stress of the daily grind, and I often don't even see them coming. So I was quite surprised when I realized last week that I would have three days off in a row! That never happens! At first I was a bit overwhelmed and did not know what to do with all this free time. It needed to be exploited wisely as it is such a rarity. But the problem kind of solved itself.

Do you know this special weekend feeling on leisurely Saturday mornings? It's something that I usually don't get so often because I work on the weekends and have free on workdays. But this weekend I made up for all the lost Saturdays of the past. 
Friday I only had one Study Group meeting in the morning and - believe it it not - it was really fun. We had a lively discussion about the Civil war in America and actually achieved something. Directly following I had an appointment for a knitting-afternoon with a friend at her place. It was so cozy, we bought cake, made a big pot of coffee and just knitted and talked till it was dark outside.

Another friend came over to my place later that night and we cooked delicious Thai food and little crêpes with apricots and chocolate sauce for dessert, drank wine, talked till late, late in the night and just had a wonderful evening planning what we would bake at our soon to come bake and DIY day. My neighbour's cat joined us for a while with the cooking and she just made my evening. I simply love cats!

The next morning, after a breakfast of delicious little lemon-meringue pies, we met again to go to an exhibition in the local museum showing Chagall's bible illustration. It was one of these crisp and foggy days in autumn when the air is so cold and fresh that you feel more alive than usual and I was so excited for the day. 
The exhibition was as fascinating as anticipated and we spent hours in the museum. Later we went for coffee and cake, discussed the paintings and it was just beautiful to spent this Saturday so leisurely. We met at lot of people, shopping at the farmer's market, drinking coffee and just enjoying their weekend.  I love when you coincidentally meet friends in the city. It makes me feel like I live inside Gilmore Girls, in a small town where people know each other and where you are included in the town life.  
In the afternoon I did a bit of shopping, bought a beautiful dress that was on sale (!), got more cake for later and then spent the rest of the day sprawling at the couch, eating cake, reading the new book I got at the museum and watching crazy stuff on you tube (I have a Dr. Phil addiction at the moment, I just can't help it...). The whole day I had this "I have time and a little bit of money and I can do about anything I would like to do right now and eat as much cake as I want" feeling and it was wonderful :) - I ate cake three times that day and I did not feel guilty for a minute! 
But I have to admit - Sunday I spent at my desk again. To make up for all this leisurely pleasure... After all, as a student you are never really off duty ;)


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