06 November 2012

Lilac Challenge

I recently saw this beautiful dress at the White Stuff online shop - White Stuff is one of my favourite stores ever - and was on the verge of buying when I stoped for a minute and thought about what I could wear along with it. After a view minutes I was quite surprised when I realized that I find it very hard to combine this perfect dress with anything... It's really a challenge! I generally don't like to combine a colour with too many shades of the same colour scheme because that is kind of an old duck look in my book. But it is really tricky to find something that goes well with lilac... except for lilac. You can always opt for black, but as I never wear black shoes or bags (just don't like it)  I decided on an leather/brown/amber combination. I'm pretty sure about the shoes and the jewelry by now, but the cardigan is a bit of a problem since the waist line is slightly too low for the dress. But even though, I think this would make a very pretty fall outfit, especially with the beautiful amber necklass that reminds me of the leaves swirling around us all day now.

1. Cardigan - Mint&Berry
2. Neckless - Etsy
3. Dress - White Stuff
4. Ring - Etsy
5. Boots - Stylefruits

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