02 November 2012

French Salvation

Sometimes I really don't know where my head is... I had completely (and I mean completely!) not realized that yesterday was a holiday! Just never thought about it at all. I mean, I knew it was Halloween obviously (or All Saints Day, to think of the real reason for the Holiday for a moment...) but it just never crossed my mind that there was a holiday (and with holiday I mean a where-all-the-shops-are-closed-day) attached to this. So there I was, no food for a breakfast in the house AT ALL! I had planned to go shopping in the morning before work (yes, waitresses are doomed to work when its leisure for everybody else) and so I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night  and realized that I would go hungry the next morning. Really made me feel panicky for a minute!
But then I had the solution! French Toast! I adore French Toast! I just don't make it very often because it feels like an occasion-food. But luckily I had an occasion now and I also had one old piece of toast and one egg left in the fridge. And from our holiday in the Netherlands I had brought delicious syrup with me. My holiday-breakfast was saved!

I don't know how you all make your French Toast, but I use the simplest method out there: 

You need:

1 piece of toast
1 egg
A little bit vanilla sugar
A little bit milk
A little bit cinnamon
A little bit flour

When I write "a little bit" I mean a little bit, because I always measure it just by eye. I do that with pancakes and crepes as well and it always works out perfectly. 

You just mix all the ingredients on a plate with a fork, let the toast soak in it for a minute (both sides) and then in the pan with the mush. 

When baked deliciously crispy and fluffy put a big, big helping of syrup on top (strawberries or blueberries are great too, but weren't available for me this time :)) - and there you go! A feast!

Bon Appétit! ♥

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