30 November 2012

Stormy Day

Last weekend my sisters came for a visit. It was a really nice time filled with shopping, eating and laughing and I was glad they could make it since its not always easy to find a free weekend for a visit. Before they had to leave again on Sunday we decided to go for a walk along the river. I took my camera, hoping I might be able to take some nice shots. The day seemed to be beautiful, crisp and sunny, and it wasn't after we had left the car that we suddenly realised the light breeze from before before had developed into something of a storm. Boy, it was windy! We tried for maybe half an hour to get a picture that was halfway decent and failed miserably. NOT ONE turned out to be normal, we looked like wind-witches on every single one of them. But who needs pictures where you look normal and decent. Funny and witch-like is so much better :)

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