24 October 2012

Candied-Almond Cookies

Today I felt a little frustrated. I had (again!) spent a long time in the library, copying and reading, and it took me hours to pick out all the chapters that I wanted. The books I need for my thesis can not be taken home, so I either have to read there at the library (which can be fun but is never very comfy) or copy the hundreds of pages. Today, when I finally got home I realized that about half of the pages I copied are missing a piece of text at the side... I guess everybody goes through that from time to time and it was my own fault but now I have to do it all again...
When I am depressed I have to eat something sugary (not good ... I know). I generally try to cut down on sugar, so I went through my kitchen cabinets and the fridge and all I found was low fat chocolate pudding. Not what I had in mind! Just when I came to the conclusion that I had to go out again to buy something that would give me my sugar rush I remembered my cookie jar! My good old cookie jar ( which I love, by the way, because its full of cute chubby cookie eating gnomes)! And what did I find? A batch of Candied-Almond Cookies I had made several month (yes, month!) ago! And what do you know, they still tasted great! A little stiff, but that's how they are meant to be anyway. :)
Made my day! The recipe is very easy and they taste really like the Candied-Almonds you can by at a German Christmas market. Yeah, the Cookies can be considered a Christmassy thing, but so what, its not that long till December and as I said -  they keep very well!

Candied-Almond Cookies

You need:

125 g grounded Almonds
150 g Sugar
50 g Powdered Sugar
2 1/2 tsp Vanilla Sugar  
1 Egg white

Mix the almonds with the sugar. Now beat the egg white until its stiff. Add the powdered sugar and the Vanilla sugar in small steps, one spoon after the other and then add the sugar-almond mass. Form little balls out of the dough and sprinkle them with a little powdered sugar. And... that's it! You can leave them on the tray over night, that makes them more crispy. 

Now preheat the oven on 160 C° and bake the Cookies for 15-20 min. Don't let them get brown, they need to stay light! They might not look like much, but they really taste great! 

Enjoy! ♥

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