21 October 2012

Coming Home

To come home is usually a nice thing. But after an absence of nearly 3 month, it has its downsides, too. I spent most of this summer in Italy, trying to learn the beautiful language and my apartment has been abandoned during this time and the weeks I spent with my family.  Now I came back with tons of luggage, my complete winter-wardrobe (which I had stored at my parent's house  - as now is my summer wardrobe), all the new things I got in Italy and the Netherlands and all the other stuff I had needed over the summer. It was chaos. My apartment was completely covered in dust (and spiders), I had no food at all, and I could not find a thing in the mountains of clothes lying around everywhere. So I spent the whole day cleaning, doing laundry, clearing my closet and trying to find places for the new items I bought. And actually... it was fun! I hate cleaning (and avoid it as good as possible) but I have always liked to organize and clear up. Put some good music on and start the show! It is oddly liberating and calming and you can see the effect of your work, which is always good for the soul! So now, after hours of chaos, dust and spider-fights, my back aches badly but around me it is all shimmery and clean (yes, I cleaned, too!) and even my wardrobe is in perfect and neat balance. And because it looked all so neat and new I decided that I wanted to clean AND re-decorate in one go. In the Netherlands I found so many beautiful things and they needed to be arranged and stored. 
I love to shop in the Netherlands, it always seems as if they have so much better decoration stuff then we do... Don't know why but they are just better in that department. I bought lots of new Christmas decoration and I can't wait to arrange it. But it is still 5 weeks till I can get it out of the cabinets and I wanted something new now! My apartment is not very big and as a broke and busy student I neither have the time nor the money or the space to do very much. And because it's only a temporary residence I can't do big things like wallpaper (I even avoid paint on the walls, because I will have to repaint it white when I move out and who needs that stress?). But nevertheless I want it nice and cozy around me and I just have to work with the possibilities I have at hand. So today I tackled my little living room table and one of my windowsills. It's not really a fall decoration but I am not much of a season-decorator. When I managed to arrange items in a way that appeals to me I'm often having a hard time to part with it again. That is also the reason why I did not have any Christmas decoration in my apartment last year... But this year is going to be different, and these pictures can help me to remember the way I had it arranged before. 

One of the things I got in the Netherlands is this graceful lady here. I just love here because her  glaze has my favourite colour  and she looks so beautiful and dignified. 

My grandparent's vintage wedding picture fits perfectly in the new  frame with its vintage look :)

And this is what is was supposed to look like, because it's really an evening decoration! Without the candles burning it's just not finished! I don't spent much daytime in my apartment, and when I get home after a busy day I need my candles and I need everything to be calming and cozy. 

 Have a nice evening!

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