26 October 2012

Halloween 2.0

Today is
Food Day!

Personally, I don't enjoy it when the food gets all too disgusting comes Halloween. I mean, its great and funny and I really admire the creativity of the people who invent things like that, but I just can't eat it when it looks too awful. And I can tell you - there is some REALLY disgusting stuff out there! Oh Yeah!... When I feel like I am eating a real brain it just kind of takes the fun away for me. So here are my (not too scary and disgusting) Halloween food inspirations. (But some of them might also tickle a weak stomach):

You can find all the sources to the pictures here!

My favourites used to be the Hot Dog Mummies because they are so easy to make and look just so funny and somehow even realistic.  But then I saw this:

Isn't this just great? :)

Have a tasty night!

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