25 October 2012

Soon the Bones will Rattle

Halloween approaches with big steps! Yesterday I was looking for scary ideas and it made me remember how, a view years ago, I mistook a monster spider (that was hanging in the window of an Australian shoe shop) for a Halloween decoration. It ended in an hysterical screaming fit when I approached it and it turned out to be real... Ugh!  But I normally really like this Holiday. Skeletons, yeah! :)
When I was small we always went for trick or treat, even though nobody in our village really got what we were doing.  They probably considered us a little bit crazy (Halloween just started to be celebrated in Germany back then), but most were really generous with their sweets anyway. Today it's more established here, but still not comparable to the US.

To get into the right mood I have been browsing around for days now, trying to find inspiration for the Day of the Undead. I collected my favourite ideas and categorized them. Today is

 Decoration Day!

I generally don't like it when the deco-madness gets too wild or too funny (at least not in my own apartment), it often looks a little bit tacky then. So I tried to find decoration ideas that are spooky and classy at the same time. These are my favourites:

You can find all the sources to these pictures here!

I really like dark birds! They are mysterious but look so shiny and elegant.  The Black Cat Cookies would normally belong into the food category, but I think they look so great, they can just as well be used as decoration. And isn't it a fantastic idea to put a flowered pantyhose over a pumpkin?

Have a spooky Night!

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