22 October 2012

Monday Cravings

New week, new clothes! If only...! But dreams are for free and these are my Monday dreams for this week! I have always loved to combine elegant with rustic! Its the best (and sometimes only) way to wear beautiful clothes such as this when there is nor party or other event in sight but you want to wear it anyway! Now! And since we are experiencing a bit of an Indian Summer here at the moment, it is really not easy to get dressed. It's not cold and not hot, in the evening it gets freezing and in the afternoon you are sweating. I think this is a clever combination to wear in a situation like this and it's also perfect to wear at Uni! Not boots but ankle boots, no jacket but a cardigan, and the jewelry rounds it all up! Gold is autumn for me, because it fits to the beautiful leave colours all around and the earrings are simply in my favourite colour (and gold, too!) and I fell in love with them at first sight! Now I only have to decide between the two cardigans... life can be tough! ;)

1. Dress from see U soon
2. Boots from White Stuff
3. Cardigans from Bonaparte
4. Earrings Etsy
5. Rings from Etsy

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