19 October 2012

Seals without Sea

Today I reached one of my holiday goals -  I saw a seal! Several actually. Ok, I was at a seal rescue station, but I didn't really specify, did I?  It was great to be in such close contact with the animals, but at the same time it was also a sad experience. Many of the seals have illnesses such as eye-problems and the Babies are orphanes and have lost their mothers. The work of the rescue team is a very good thing, though. The old and sick seals can stay at the station and spent their twilight years under protection and the younger ones will be coddled up and set free when they can care for themselves. I was able to take some nice shots - the whale is only a replica, though. But doesn't it look real?

My favourite picture.
 Isn't he cute? The Babyseal was so fascinated by our umbrella that he even tried to catch it!

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